Mayra Carreño
b. 1990's
Mexico City, MX

Canon F-1

Minolta X-700

Nikon FA

Nikon FM10

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Mayra was born in 1993 in Monterrey N.L, she studied graphic design and at the age of 23, she went to Veracruz to live a slow and quiet life in the countryside which gave her a different vision of things. In 2018 she moved to CDMX to dedicate full time to photography. Film is what has always accompanied her in those moments of transition or search, like a visual diary of experiences. Taking photos on film professionally has been incorporated more and more in her editorials like; Hotbook, L´Officiel, and campaigns for Ben&Frank and Anuar Layon.

“I am inspired by the beauty of the human body and the magic of everyday life. The film forces you to be more contemplative, and selective since you can't shoot many photos per second and you have to choose well when to press the shutter. You also get used to uncertainty because there are so many elements in the process that can change your final result, so you may be surprised or learn to let go because something didn't turn out the way you expected. I never leave my house without my Olympus Stylus 120 point&shoot”