Angela Suárez
b. 1980's
Madrid, ES

Nikon F90x

Olympus Mju

Pentax 6x7

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Angela's work main focus lies in melting feminine realities with lyricism and poetics, translating a metaphoric and oneiric world to an everyday landscape. Each picture is taken by whimsical pulses, trying to create a wandering path for the viewer. Tales, poems and dreams are the source of departing points for her narratives, questioning why we take for granted the reality we are surrounded by after dreams fade away. She has published with Vogue, Dazed, Apartamento, Icon amongst others and she has recently published her first book Blurry Days/ Sharp Nights with Forma Editions.  

“Olympus Mju is the camera I've started with, then I got a Nikon F90x and I recently bought the Pentax 6x7. In digital, I use Sony Alpha 7. I started shooting film when I was in my 20s living in Paris and my boyfriend gifted me a point and shoot camera for my birthday. I just started to take pictures of my friends, the city, and everything that was exciting. I continued with film because I’ve always loved mystery. Film makes me feel a really big truth ­— we cannot control everything in life. We can try, but we can’t.