Super Mario 64


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Nintendo 64 Cartridge / Functional 

( 1996, Japan, Nintendo, Nintendo 64 Cartridge, Region:NTSC (US, Canada), Genre: Action Adventure, ESRB:Everyone, Players:1 )
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Mario 64 is the game that introduced the world to the Nintendo 64 system. Each level not only presented gamers to a new and colorful world, but also the new capabilities of the system. At it’s core the game is still the same. The evil Bowser has Kidnapped Princess Peach! Again. But, this time he was too lazy to even leave her castle. Now it’s up to everyone’s favorite plumber to step in and send the deadbeat dictator packing! Players move Mario across the level by running and jumping to avoid obstacles and defeat enemies. However, this formula becomes an entirely new experience, when you set it in fully rendered three-dimensional worlds. Worlds where Mario now had to hold his breath to swim underwater, making deep dives dangerous plunges into the unknown. Worlds where Mario flies above and around technicolor clouds! Worlds that had to be explored from literally every angle, by moving a dynamic camera around Mario. Worlds so complex that numerous missions could be set within the same space, making each replay a completely new challenge. In short: Worlds that had never before been possible! Super Mario 64 is guaranteed to bring back all kinds of nostalgia, as you listen to the plucky plumber’s shoes tap along the halls of Princess Peaches castle. It’s an unforgettable experience that will make you fall in love with your N64 all over again, and again, and again.