Mario Tennis


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Nintendo 64 Cartridge / Functional 

( 2000, Japan, Nintendo, Nintendo 64 Cartridge, Region:NTSC (US, Canada), Genre: Sports, ESRB:Everyone, Players:4 )
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When you think of the greatest multiplayer party games made for the N64, you probably don’t think of Mario Tennis. And that is your loss! Designed to be fast-paced, four- player action, Mario Tennis offers an easy to pick up and play gaming experience, with a lot of arcade elements to keep the action brisk and fun. However, if you wanted to get competitive, this game could also be as intense as you wanted. Mario Tennis offered everything from basic one-on-one friendlies to two-vs-two co-op modes, to fully realized bracket tournaments. Behind the colorful visuals and a cast of up to 20 iconic Mario characters was a deep set of game mechanics that made each court have unique physics and made Mario Tennis a real workout to master. But to truly experience everything the game had to offer, you needed a copy of Mario Tennis’ Game Boy Color counterpart. When attached to an N64 Transfer Pack, that sister title could unlock exclusive new characters, courts and other goodies. Mario Tennis was the N64 at the top of its game, and provides an experience that never stops serving up the fun.